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artist biography: chandler

Chandler is a nineteen year old bilingual beach pop artist whose musical style is much like that of her personality; carefree and fun with a slight pinch of wit. Her tunes deal with love and all that it encapsulates, and her musical style carries the influences of like-minded artists including Jack Johnson, Alanis Morissette, and Carole King. Self-taught on the piano, guitar, and ukulele, Chandler is a completely independent artist who, thus far, has managed all aspects of her career without any outside assistance. Her efforts have earned her song, “Alright”, over 100,000 streams on SoundCloud, as well as just over 20,000 streams on her song, “Too Beautiful” on Spotify.

From local coffee shops to intimate venues and most recently, a yoga studio, Chandler has played hundreds of shows for any and all types of crowds. Her natural ability to sing on stage can be traced back to the karaoke machine she received as a childhood birthday present -- equipped with a Taylor Swift CD that prompted Chandler to discover her talent.

Chandler’s originality and ability to stay true to herself sets her apart from most. In her own words, she brings forth a “raw authenticity” that she strives to maintain, and in the simplest of terms, she’s not trying to “put on anything” -- as an artist, Chandler is just being the chill-vibed, yoga-loving, long haired, converse-wearing, beach bum that she is.

Her most recent EP “The Sages & Fools” was created in her gap semester -- just before making the big move from Houston to Los Angeles to pursue a degree in Music Industry at the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music.

As a big yoga enthusiast, Chandler made the move to combine the relaxing sport with her music career and has been partnering with yoga influencers on Instagram. Additionally, she mentors students between the ages of 5-65 in piano, songwriting, and ukulele via video chat -- which has made, and continues to make, a huge impact on her music making and creativity.

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