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hello, my name is tatum! 

the old english translation of "tatum" is "bringer of joy" and that is exactly what i strive to do: bring joy to others through the things i create. 

i am a london-based creative interested in the intersection of creative writing, graphic design, and the music industry. 


in2020, i graduated from the university of southern california with a bachelors degree in cinema and media studies and a minor in music industry. in 2022, i finished my masters degree in arts and lifestyle journalism at university of the arts london. i actually pitched my thesis to VICE and got it published, so that was cool! 


now, i make zines and short form video content for live nation's ones to watch, and i also work full time at Young Artists as a social media manager for 4 of their artists. previously, i produced short form video content for VICE and i also did creative and social media work for Atlantic Records U.K. 

in my free time, i like to journal, scrapbook, drink coffee, go to bakeries and markets, and turn all of the above into fun little edits for my Instagram


i hope you enjoy scrolling through my portfolio :) 

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